Sunday, August 22, 2010

happiest moment in my life wif my luv....

first time lam idop bkak posa ngan owg tersayang,mkn lam keta lak 2..hhhe...mmg sweet mmry giler kan..
pas2 g nek ferris wheel n n apy n romantic cgt2...
all of those its our sweet mmnry....
thx 4 suma yg ayg bwt kt b..
then p butterfly garden..happy cgt2..
lastly p men pantai mcm cite korea la plak..hehhe

i want u to know that i luv u so much my dear..u r so special 4 me...
thx 4 the romantic bkak posa,
thx 4 the hapiest moment at the fun fair
thx 4 the romantic scene tyme kite kt pntai wif flight across our head..
thx 4 the sweetest moment at butterfly park
thx 4 bwk b p tepi pantai,,,
n thx 4 everytin...
luv u so much..

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